An Advisory, Consulting And Research Firm In CSR & Social Domain

Fulcrum Enables (Corporates, NGOs, Governments) to Empower Society. We Facilitate the organizations/institutions to identify their Fulcrum through Statutory & Strategic Consultation, Research and Reporting which will elevate the society towards empowerment.

The Business of a business is to do business… then why CSR?

CSR spent ≈ Rs 25,000 Cr. (FY 2020 – 21)
Government spent ≈ Rs 71 Lakh Cr….
Does THIS drop in the ocean have the potential
to create any impact !

Is CSR a Liability or an Opportunity?

Is CSR a Liability or an Opportunity?

Can we Capitalize CSR to derive a Business Value?

We provide end to end Solutions in CSR Domain

Regulatory Consultation
  • CSR Governance and Monitoring Framework
  • CSR Compliance Calendar
  • Compliance Validation
  • Compile and disseminate latest statutory updates in CSR domain
  • Policy drafting
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Registration of Section 8 company/trust/society
Capacity Building

Through capacity building Workshops, we enable
Corporates, NGOs & Government agencies to carry out social projects in a structured & accountable manner

  • Through research, we enable organizations to take decisions based on accuracy rather than assumptions through :

    – Baseline Study
    – Need Assessment
    – Monitoring & Evaluation
    – Impact Assessment
    – Social Audit
Documentation & Reporting

• Annual Report
• Newsletter/digital newsletter
• Performance Report (monthly / quarterly / half yearly/yearly)
• Flyers
• Filing Application Forms for Awards
• E-Report
• Documentary Creation
• Preparation of Compendium
• Social, print & electronic media
• Due Diligence of NGOs
• MoU Drafting

CSR Compliance Audit
  • Reference Document for Top Management
  • Highlights NGOs or partners which are not
    compliant in nature
  • Strengthens CSR Governance Mechanism
Social Project Optimization

Incorporating various Problem Solving
Tools to Optimize Social Projects

• Why – Why Analysis
• Pareto Principle
• Scatter Plots
• Control Charts
• Flow Charts
• Cause and Effect / Fishbone / Ishikawa Diagram
• Histogram
• Bar Graph

To Create successful Social Models that are
Replicable & Scalable.

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